Neverwinter: Ressurecting The Paladin

by Varec
June 12, 2017

New class, cool, everyone is gonna play it and be running around with a level 27 Oathbound Paladin (OP) until they get bored and go back to the old familiar ways.

I leveled my OP to 70 in less than a week, so you shouldn’t have much trouble… In fact, I didn’t even die until I got into the new mod 6 content around level 63. I chose to level with an Oath of Devotion. Almost every encounter ability that did damage had some sort of healing that came with using it! I only wore gear that had Power and Crit meaning better damage along with better heals.

Now, you can use whatever you want for skills, but I found that I REALLY enjoyed using 3 specific encounters: Templar’s Wrath, Smite, and either Bane or Sacred Weapon. (I dislike Sacred Weapon due to the long animation.) Templar’s Wrath does a moderate AoE damage along with a nice little shield for all, soaking that initial engage damage you would take (or allowing you to heal past it while benefiting from Temp HP). Smite (the Paladin’s notorious BREAD AND BUTTER) slams a single foe for a large amount and heals anyone near it while it burns the target. I often focused the heaviest target when engaging groups letting everything else melt from AoE damages. Bane, I do not see used often… It places a debuff on foes (or buff on a friendly ONLY if following the Oath of Devotion), this is a stacking application that can be applied on the move and is very fast animation. Each application reduces the damage output of the foe AND damage taken by 10%. 10+10+10, yes, that’s 30%! GREAT for larger mobs and when you are in a group to boost the party’s damage output AND defensive. Sacred Weapon buffs you next THREE (3) attacks by a modest amount, I only used this occasionally and just before engaging mobs, it leaves you pretty exposed when used in the midst of combat. **AFTER 60 – I swap between Bane (heavy HP mobs and boss fights) and Smite (weaker mob farming and dailies), keeping Relentless Avenger and Templar’s Wrath slotted ALWAYS. Relentless Avenger is a great engage, you dash into the heart of the battle scattering all mobs except your target (not so far that CWs can AoE them still) as a Devotion Paladin, you can also rush you a comrade and knock mobs away from them.

There are a lot of cool features to swap around and play with! However, I stuck with and still use two… I ONLY swap them out when my groups are taking some heavy AoE damage. Aura of Wisdom is my MUST have… This raises everyone’s recharge speed by 10% per skill point – 40% after level 70! Aura of Courage gives everyone a radiant damage bonus of 1% of YOUR max HP. I tried several different Features, this gives the most benefit AFTER you place more than one skill point in it (each point adds 10% more damage – I DO NOT know if that’s a cumulative increase or…?). My other two options for group safety are: Aura of Truth – Foes deal 5% less damage, +2.5% per addition skill point. And, Aura of Protection (Oath of Protection) – Everyone gets 5% damage resistance, +2.5% per additional skill point. It’s really a GOOD judgement call by you, what do you/does your group need for what is being done? On bosses, I watch the HPs melt away with Wisdom and Courage, but a few screw ups and you can wipe before you know it… Swapping out either of these will SEVERELY hinder the groups damage output, seeming like a snail is doing DPS on bosses… YOU have to make the decision.

You can figure out the feats for yourself… I originally chose Justice for the damage because I wanted to level quickly and I know the demand for the rapid dungeon runs. I wanted to be able to hold threat long enough to clear dungeon trash and not feel like a gold collecting companion when grouped… EPIC dungeons are WICKED and you will need to have more than 1600 max item level (MiL) to tank them without being tossed around like a dirty sock! D: After spending several hours reading over all the Feats at level 4… I decided to chose Justice (ALSO) to follow an old DnD role-play of the charismatic leader of a group… Granting buffs to the party like movement speed, reduced cool-downs, higher overall damage… Anything to make certain the group would not fail! This actually suits my play style, as I’m a fairly active player. Not a left and right click warrior! ;P So, if you are good at keeping abilities active, moving around, and observing what’s going on with the groups (or your surrounding while solo) you will enjoy this build immensely! Please feel free to leave POSITIVE feed back, or request more information on this article! Happy hunting!!


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June 13, 2017

Amazing Guide. You are really good at this!


June 13, 2017

What guide?


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